The skin is taut and glistening, a russet glow emanating from every pore.
The curves are inviting, voluptuous, hinting at the incomparable bliss to be found in the inner core. By Patricia Leigh Brown


Great flavors through simple ingredience! Our beauties are small in scale with minimal decorations. Tall, smooth-skinned, creamy affairs. The feel is thick, silky, and creamy. The flavors are sweet, rich and tangy.

Some debate that cheesecake is all about the crust. We crush classic Italian almond biscotti to make the crust for our perfectly smooth and silky cheesecakes; an orchestration of different textures.

All our cakes start their flavor transformation from our original cheesecake. Dark espresso and creamy swirls of chocolate ganache provide dark rich decadence. Firm, plump, dark blueberries and fragrant strawberries along with tangy limes and lemons provide more variations.

Our flavors vary from time to time - please check in with us and see what we're baking at the moment, but you know it will be sensuous, luxurious - excellent!

It's a salacious, sensual, visually tantalizing experience!

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I break out in tremors. It's not a food allergy.
It's the pure excitement of the lusious silky bite tempting my tongue.


All our cakes are made from scratch to order. We use only the best ingredients - rich butters and farmed eggs, pure cane sugars, pure vanillas, fine Chocolates, fresh seasonal fruits, and of course real cream cheese. We start with great ingredients, add a lot of love, and end up with great cakes!

Cheesecakes such as the Savory Minx with roasted bell peppers and ricotta and goat cheese epitomize our blending of the character, taste and love of baking, emphasizing fresh ingredients as mch as possible.



$30.00 / 7"

  • Size: 7-inches
  • Serves: 8-9
  • Our original cake
  • Serving Directions:
    Keep chilled until 30 minutes before serving.


$35.00 / 7"

  • Size: 7-inches
  • Serves: 8-9
  • Our flavored cakes
  • Serving Directions:
    Keep chilled until 30 minutes before serving.


$20.00 / 7"

  • Size: 7-inches
  • Serves: 8-9
  • Wholesale customers and account orders only
  • minimum order 5 cakes

Premium (Savory)

$35.99 / 7"

  • Size: 7-inches
  • Serves: 10+
  • savory cakes
  • Serving Directions:
    Keep chilled until 30 minutes before serving.

All orders must be placed 2 days in advance.
We only bake locally and do not ship. We deliver free of charge locally.

It's a guilty pleasure, full of rich calorie laden excess!

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"My husband couldn't get enough of it! He liked the sauce too."
Cheesecake comes first, then Morals.


We are not formally trained bakers. We've never worked in commercial bakeries. Everything we know we learned through trial and error, by reading, and from contributions of our amazing Mom who shared her knowledge.

Our cakes are fairly small in size; They are elegant in their 7-inches, perfectly sufficient. Less is more, small is better - balancing flavor and ingredience. These creations are not for dieters, we use rich creams, full-fat, full-flavored cream cheeses, cane sugars, the essential things to make a rich wonderful experience.

Fragrant, plump, firm and sinfully delicious.

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A single bite of the Savory Minx seemed to energize my core,
stirring vital energies impelling me in unforeseen directions...


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